Sports massage

The sports massage is useful to anyone looking for a deep tissue massage. It aims to massage and manipulate the muscles and stretch the fascia following the principles and techniques of massage Deep Tissue in particular, but also those of Swedish massage. The pace is relatively slow and the maneuvers become deeper and deeper throughout the massage, without becoming too intrusive for the person being massaged. It allows to release adhesions And improves mobility giving more space to the muscles.

To be complete, this is accompanied by mobilizations as well asstretching which will increase the action of the massage which will thus gain in effectiveness. You can find out more about the subject by reading the articles the importance of stretching, 21 stretching exercises for better flexibility And relieve lumbago with yoga.

In order to achieve even faster recovery, I may need to use the therapeutic cupping who have gained notoriety among the general public thanks to athletes including Florent Manaudou and Karim Benzema.

This massage represents a invaluable help for the athlete who might need it to prepare their body before a competition and to help them recover after the event. It's also ideal for people who don't necessarily play sports but may sit in the same position for long periods of time or perform repetitive tasks. Some clients want more treatment intensive which energizes the muscles quickly and effectively while others may simply want to take a break on the massage table to relieve their shoulders.

Principles of sports massage

The objective of the 'Deep Tissue' sports massage is improving the athlete's physical performance thanks to appropriate preparation and strengthening of the muscle in activity, as well as improving well-being in general. It acts on the connective tissue to release adhesions and recover normal elasticity. For example, it can contribute to the recovery of a tennis elbow. It is for this reason that it plays a particular role in preparing the athlete for training and competition. Following physical exertion, it helps in the rapid recovery of physical performance.

It not only improves body sensations and speed of reactions, but also the overall well-being of the athlete. The gestures of sports massage are gestures deep And draining which will help eliminate toxins, friction allowing tissue regeneration, but also relaxing and enveloping gestures for the well-being of the athlete.


Deep Tissue Massage

Benefits of sports massage

Good sports massage involves listening carefully and responding to the unique needs of each individual. It aims to restore the free functioning of the body and to eliminate muscle pain. Whether the discomfort comes from poor posture caused by office work or sports practice.

Sports massage plays an important role in mentality of the athlete. It allows a deep relaxation, reduced anxiety, improved mood and general well-being. L'Improved recovery abilities significantly increase performance in training and during competitions. It adapts enormously depending on the sport practiced (running, tennis, dancing, CrossFit, etc.) and the size of the athlete.

Sports massage

Sports massage is not therapeutic in nature and does not replace medical monitoring.

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