Path of the Lung meridian

The Lung meridian, hand Taiyin, begins at the level of the Middle Heart internally, it descends and couples with the Large Intestine then it rises, crosses the diaphragm passing through the stomach and will arrive in the thorax where it will link with the Lung.

It will go up into the throat and then go down and exit from the outside in the antero-external part of the thorax (depression under the clavicle). This exit point is called Zhongfu.

It crosses the internal and anterior face of the arm, passes through the fold of the elbow (there it is located at the external edge of the biceps brachii), it crosses the internal face of the forearm (always anterior part).
At the wrist, it will cross the thenar eminence and end at the end of the thumb, at the external nail angle of the thumb at the point Shaoshang.

Just above the wrist, at the point Lieque, we have a branch which leaves the main path and which will join the end of the index where the Large Intestine meridian.


Path of the Lung meridian

Meridians and acupuncture points
Illustrated book: 183 points


Acupuncture points of the Lung meridian

The Lung meridian has 11 points acupuncture of which here are the main ones



Description of the Lung meridian

The lung corresponds to the metal. It is the organ Minister, the great chancellor.
It's the yin in the yang. It is the meeting place of the 100 ships.
Her season is autumn, her emotion sadness, its direction is west, its color is white and its flavor is spicy.
It is a shield above the organs which ensures their defense. As it communicates with the outside world, it is generally the one affected first in the event of an external attack. It is a sensitive organ that cannot tolerate when it is too hot or too cold.
It is in autumn that the lung qi will be the most exuberant, dryness will easily damage it by drying up its liquids, which will cause it to lose some of its functions (dry cough).

The lung has 2 physiological functions which are:

  1. Governing Qi;
  2. Regulate the water route.
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