Action of Guasha

Word Guasha means 'scratch' (Gua), 'disease' (Sha). This technique makes it possible to relieve pain and of detoxify tissues by acting on specific areas of the body, the energy points. It is also known as scraping among athletes who use it to treat painful myofascial syndrome. The latter manifests itself mainly by musculoskeletal pain throughout the body. I'm going to come and work on the trigger points (trigger points) to get rid of it.


Benefits of Guasha

Therapy by Guasha has many benefits:

  • Strengthening the immune system by stimulating energy and blood circulation. The action of Guasha helps to remove the perverse energies at the origin of the disease
  • Relief from muscle pain and tension. Guasha helps dissolve blockages, thus relieving muscle tension and pain.
  • Tissue detoxification. Guasha helps eliminate toxins accumulated in certain regions of the body

Guasha therapy is a way to preserve immune defenses by restoring operation balance And harmonious of the organism.

Gua Sha


Detoxification process

Therapy by Guasha is a treatment method used in traditional Chinese medicine. I use a tool to scrape patients' skin to cause tissue damage in an attempt to induce a therapeutic physiological response. This will allow the circulation of theQi energy and blood to restore harmonious circulation, as well as to get rid of perversities (release of toxins).

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