Simo, your Chinese Medicine practitioner,
specialized in chinese massage Tuina


Presentation Simo Benadada

Hello and welcome

My name is Simo Benadada, I am French-Moroccan and I am 37 years old.

After a 10-year career in the world of consulting, I decided in 2018 to begin a 3-year training course in traditional Chinese medicine in order to exercise a profession in accordance with my values. This choice was made after a long period of research and careful reflection which allowed me to clearly target what I wanted to do. I actually wish pursue a meaningful job for me with great importance given to the relational side. A profession where not only the use of intellectual skills but also physical skills would be valued. This is in order to be able to relieve certain pain in people.

I have always had a fascination with the human body, her functioning and its close connection with the mind.

It is very likely that my martial arts practice (Karate, Jeet Kune Do, Kung Fu, Aikido, Kyudo and Muay Thai) for more than ten years now has also had an influence on my choice.

This is how I decided to begin training in Chinese medicine at the Chuzhen Institute in 2018. The latter allows me to become Specialized Chinese Medicine Practitioner in the therapeutic Chinese massage called Tuina. The 3 years of study were rich in lessons and practice. I took courses on the study of the theoretical foundations of Chinese medicine, physiology and anatomy. Then, we studied the manual techniques specific to Tuina therapeutic Chinese massage as well as the study of the diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses in Tuina. The latter is based on the same therapeutic principles as acupuncture and is carried out on a clothed person.

Like any art, mastery of massage can only be acquired after many years of practice and must be improved indefinitely. This is why I also followed training in traditional relaxation massage. This allowed me to practice even more and learn new techniques from different traditions. I thus obtained the certificate of Wellness Massage Practitioner in March 2021 following 6 months of training. I can therefore offer you a wide choice of oil massages including the Serenity massage which is a mix between Californian and Swedish massages, where the Hawaiian massage. You can also take advantage of 'Deep Tissue' sports massage' or tailor-made massage If you feel like it.

In 2023, I am training in manual lymphatic drainage (Vodder method) to continue learning and progressing. I return to the benches of the Chuzhen Institute to study acupuncture and could offer you sessions from 2025!

My project therefore consists of being able to provide, through massage, and soon acupuncture, accompaniment and support that allows people to feel better in their body by relieving their tensions and pain and calming their minds at the same time.

Hope to meet you. Signature Simo Benadada



Training completed and certificates obtained

  •  Chuzhen Institute of Chinese Medicine - Paris

2023 - ongoing | Acupuncture - TCM

- Acupuncture basics
- Acupuncture clinic

2019 to 2021 | Chinese massage Tuina - TCM

- Study of the meridian system
- Study of manual techniques specific to Tuina
- Study of common diseases in Tuina and their treatment
- Advanced anatomy
- Physiology

2018 to 2019 | Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

- Study of the theoretical foundations of Chinese medicine and diagnosis
- Anatomy and palpatory anatomy

  • Colibri Massage Academy - 2023 | Lympho-draining massage

Learning manual lymphatic drainage - Vodder Method

  • Hypotenuse Institute - Paris - 2020 to 2021 | Wellness massages

Learning different massage techniques: Balinese, Hawaiian, Swedish, Californian, Ayurvedic, hot stone, seated massages


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