Relaxing massages in Courbevoie

I offer relaxation massages among the Californian-Swedish massage, THE Hawaiian massage and the tailor-made massage of which you will find a presentation below.

Furthermore, if you wish to benefit from a massage at your home, I will come to your home with all the necessary equipment.
Travel takes place in the Hauts-de-Seine (92) mostly.

Benefits of relaxation massages

A relaxation massage consists of a series of gestures and techniques aimed at eliminating body tension and providing a state of general well-being. Massage provides benefits both physically and psychologically.

In fact, it will relieve muscular tension and contribute to relaxation of the body and mind. L'action of touch stimulates thousands of receptors in your skin, which sends a message to the nervous system, which has the effect of stimulating the production of hormones such as serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins called happy hormones. This helps reduce stress and promote better sleep.

Treat yourself to a moment just for yourself on a regular basis in order to release tension gradually, throughmassage subscription.
A massage can also be a nice touch to offer to those who are dear to you thanks to the massage gift card.

Progress of a massage session

For most sessions, you will lie down on the massage table and the part of your body receiving the treatment will be bare. The rest of your body will be warm under a blanket, for your comfort and to promote relaxation. We usually start lying on our stomach, to massage the neck, THE shoulders, THE back and the legs. For the second part, you will lie on your back to receive the massage of the other part of your body, working on the belly. You can also stay in this position for a few minutes at the end of the session for a smooth transition to resuming your day's activities.

Soft music is played and unscented vegetable oil is used for the massage. Don't hesitate to let me know anything that would allow you to fully enjoy this moment of relaxation.

The massages offered are not therapeutic in nature and do not replace medical monitoring.

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