A personalized massage

The tailor-made massage is completely adapted to your needs and desires of the moment. It will allow you to release physical tensions while freeing your mind in order to lead you towards a state of relaxation. Depending on our physical and emotional state, our body does not have the same needs. Certain parts of your body may have areas of greater tension. With the tailor-made massage, I would focus on those areas that require more work.

Tailor-made massage

Principle of tailor-made massage

Before starting the session, we define together the areas of the body to work, the type of technique to favor and the intensity of the pressure to exert in order to best adapt to your needs. Opting for this personalized massage guaranteed deep state of well-being. After this session, you will feel great relaxation, a body and mind, relaxed, soothed and revitalized.

Since this massage is unique to each person, the feelings obtained are very varied. Well-being is different for each of us, we all have our own perception of what relaxes us. One person may feel very relaxed after a very energetic massage session, while another may need something gentle and slow. To find out what it will really bring you, there is nothing better than to make an appointment and try it for yourself!

Personalized massage

Benefits of tailor-made massage

The tailor-made massage is a pure moment of happiness. Extremely complete, it combines the virtues of different techniques combining kneading, stretching, acupressure, smoothing with slow, tonic, gentle and deep gestures for a perfect “body and mind” balance.

  • It has been practiced for millennia for its relaxing, curative and preventive properties.
  • Practiced regularly, it makes daily life more harmonious
  • It relieves tension and relaxes the whole body.
    Stress-related pain is relieved
  • It restores energy and tone
  • It promotes good blood and lymphatic circulation

The tailor-made massage is not therapeutic in nature and does not replace medical monitoring.

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