Lymphatic drainage in Courbevoie

I offer you the manual lymphatic drainage. This type of massage is recommended for people suffering from edema and circulation disorders (heavy legs And swollen ankles). Its benefits are numerous, and its applications are both aesthetic and medical.

There lymph is important for maintaining fluid balance in the body, eliminating waste and toxins, and protecting against infections and disease. THE lymphatic drainage massage aims to stimulate the lymphatic system to improve traffic lymph and help eliminate waste and toxins from the body.

What is lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle and rhythmic massage technique which aims to stimulate the body's lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and waste, as well as to reduce water retention and swelling.

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and nodes that carries lymph, a fluid that carries waste and toxins out of body tissues. Lymphatic drainage massage uses slow, gentle movements to stimulate the lymphatic system and help drain the lymph, which can improve blood and lymph circulation, reduce swelling and pain, and promote relaxation.

Lymphatic drainage massage can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, including circulatory disorders, L'swelling, scars, immune system disorders and aqueous cellulite which tends to be located preferentially on the thighs, calves and around the ankles.

What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage can provide several health benefits, including:

  1. Reduced swelling : lymphatic drainage massage can help reduce swelling by stimulating the lymphatic system to eliminate excess fluid in the tissues;
  2. Improved traffic flow : This type of massage can help improve blood and lymphatic circulation, which can promote healing and improve overall health;
  3. Pain reduction : lymphatic drainage massage can help reduce pain by reducing inflammation and improving circulation;
  4. Cellulite reduction : Some lymphatic drainage massage practitioners claim that this technique can help reduce the appearance of cellulite by removing toxins and improving circulation;
  5. Improved immunity : the lymphatic system plays a key role in the body's immune response, and lymphatic drainage massage can help stimulate this system to strengthen immunity;
  6. Relaxation : Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle, rhythmic technique that can help promote relaxation and reduce stress.

It should be noted that these benefits are not guaranteed for everyone, and results may vary depending on each person's underlying medical condition and overall health. It is important to consult a healthcare professional before undertaking any new treatment, including lymphatic drainage massage.



Lymphatic drainage method applied

The 2 best-known and commonly used methods of lymphatic drainage are Vodder method and the Leduc method.

The one I apply is the Vodder method which was put developed in the 1930s by the Danish doctor Emil Vodder. This is a manual lymphatic drainage, based on gentle, rhythmic movements. Gentle pressure is applied throughout the body to reactivate circulation by manually directing lymphatic fluid.

Lymphatic drainage on face

Lymphatic drainage on calf

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels, lymph nodes and organs that work together to remove wastes, toxins and bacteria from the body and to help maintain adequate fluid balance. It plays an important role in protecting the body against infections and diseases, as well as inelimination of waste and toxins from the body. It is essential for the health and functioning of the body.

The lymphatic system begins with small lymphatic vessels that are found in the tissues of the body. These lymphatic vessels collect interstitial fluid (lymph) from the spaces between cells. Lymph contains immune cells, proteins, fats and cellular waste.

Lymphatic vessels join together to form larger lymphatic vessels that carry lymph to the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes filter lymph and remove bacteria, viruses and other waste. Lymph nodes also contain immune cells that fight infections and diseases.

Lymphatic drainage on thigh

Contraindications to lymphatic drainage

  • Skin condition
  • Acute venous pathologies
  • Acute infections
  • Uncompensated heart failure
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hypotension

Lymphatic drainage massage is not therapeutic in nature and does not replace medical monitoring.

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